Why Were Oversight Hearings Canceled?

Why is the majority party leadership canceling hearings that hold the government accountable to Californians?

Three oversight hearings were recently canceled or postponed. These hearings were to supposed to cover crucial issues on wildfires, the Employment Development Department (EDD), and Legislative Audits.

At a time when Californians deserve answers on these important and timely issues facing our state, the Legislature should not delay their fundamental oversight responsibilities.

The wildfire hearing was scheduled after a CapRadio report found that the governor overstated the total amount of acres treated to prevent wildfires by a whopping 690%.

The EDD hearing was scheduled to determine how much progress the Department has made on crucial reforms, given that EDD has struggled with a continuous backlog and unemployment fraud.

The Legislative Audit Committee was also postponed. This committee provides necessary oversight on high-profile issues that are of great interest to the public dealing with waste, fraud, and abuse.

These oversight hearings allow the Legislature to ask tough questions and demand answers to hold government accountable.

This abdication of responsibility is no way to protect Californians.