Supporting Charter Schools

Its National Charter Schools Week.

All kids deserve a quality education tailored to their diverse needs and the needs of their community.
Charter schools allow parents, teachers, and community leaders to create a curriculum that empowers and challenges students to unlock their full potential while focusing on meeting the individual needs of each student through accountability, flexibility, and innovation.
Unfortunately, there is a proposal currently making its way through the legislature, AB 1316, which would impose significant and expansive burdens on Charter Schools, including fees and funding cuts, as well as excessive and unnecessary requirements. 
As your Assembly Representative, please be assured that I will oppose this bill when it reaches the floor for a vote.
These schools need to maintain their independence and flexibility. I stand in full support of Charter Schools, and I will continue to fight for parental choice to ensure that our students have access to a variety of quality educational options.
Thank you for giving me this opportunity to serve you. It is a privilege to be your Representative.