Public Safety Update: Gang Crimes and Fentanyl

Sacramento committee meetings have kicked into high gear as we began reviewing some of the over 2,000 bills introduced this year.

In the Assembly Public Safety Committee, of which I am a member, my first bill passed through without any “no” votes and with bipartisan support. AB 409 would allow victims and witnesses of gang crimes to petition law enforcement to redact their identities if they feel that their life could be in serious danger because of their role in reporting information related to a crime. I was honored to have the Riverside Sheriffs' Association speak in support and help move this important legislation forward.

Unfortunately in the Senate Public Safety Committee, SB 350 (Alexandra’s Law) by Senator Melendez, of which I am a proud co-author, failed to pass. This legislation sought to combat drug-related deaths by targeting drug dealers who sell fentanyl to kids.

The number of deaths involving fentanyl is rapidly increasing in our communities and our kids are falling victim to dealers who prey on their vulnerability and curiosity. Dealers need to be held accountable and law-enforcement should have the tools necessary to help get this epidemic under control.

I was honored to join Senator Melendez and brave parents from our district and around the state on the steps of our Capitol to continue the fight to support future efforts to combat this fentanyl epidemic.