Public Safety: Catching Rapists

Last year, the California Department of Justice published a report detailing the 13,929 untested rape kits in possession of Law Enforcement Agencies and the Crime Laboratory.

The survivors of this heinous crime deserve justice, and the Assembly should be doing everything we can to put the perpetrators behind bars.

For this reason, I am proud to co-author Assembly Bill 18 (Lackey) which would require law enforcement agencies to submit any rape kit received before 2016 to a crime lab by January 2023 and the lab to process that evidence kit no later than January 2024.

We know that these kits may hold vital information about the perpetrator and are crucial to a criminal conviction. They also can assist in identifying repeat offenders and resolve long-standing sex crimes.

Thousands of rape kits currently sit untested across the State. That is simply unacceptable. We must pass this important piece of legislation to eliminate the backlog so that survivors receive the justice they deserve and ensure our communities are safe.