Preventing Wildfires

Comprehensive wildfire prevention policies must be a top priority for California.

Fire season is now year round. In 2020, California set historic records with nearly 10,000 fires burning more than 4.2 million acres and over 10,000 structures, most of which were homes.

Having served our great state as a firefighter for 35 years, I have experienced firsthand the dangerous, devastating, and life altering effects a fire can have on families and businesses in our communities.

That is why, as your Representative, I am committed to not only addressing immediate wildfire concerns, but to working with my colleagues to address long-term and long-lasting solutions.

This session, I have introduced AB 380 which further implements the Governor's State of Emergency Order to provide the CA Department of Forestry and Fire Protection the tools and means necessary to efficiently identify, approve, and complete priority fuel reduction projects around communities that are at the greatest risk to wildfire.

I have also joined with Assemblyman Gallagher to co-author AB 297 which address some of the immediate obstacles preventing critical progress by providing funding for fire prevention, eliminating regulatory hurdles to completing important fire prevention projects, and providing incentives for industries to utilize wood products.

For too long, California has only reacted to our wildfire disasters. It is time we take a PROACTIVE approach, have the difficult conversations, and take the necessary actions for real change. I look forward to serving you.