Assemblywoman Melissa Melendez

67th Assembly District

Thursday, August 11, 2016
Sam Spencer (916) 319-2067

SACRAMENTO – Assemblywoman Melissa A. Melendez’s, R-Lake Elsinore, announced today Senate Democrats  demonstrated support for political and criminal corruption by killing her legislation, Assembly Bill 1788, designed to provided whistleblower protection to legislative staff and root out corruption.

This year, two former Democrat State Senators were sentenced to prison for crimes they committed during their time in the legislature, and yet the Democrats do not believe corruption is a problem, said Melendez. “Apparently, accepting tens of thousands of dollars’ worth of bribes and gunrunning shoulder fire rockets aren’t matters of concern for the Democrats.”

Under current law, the California Whistleblower Protection Act provides protection to state employees in the executive and judicial branches who report any improper or unethical governmental activity. However, employees of the Legislature are not covered under this act.

Assembly Bill 1788 would have extended those whistleblower protections to legislative staff who report illegal or unethical behavior in the Legislature.

This is Melendez’s third iteration of this legislation. The prior two versions also received unanimous support in the Assembly and subsequent Senate policy committees, yet were killed by Democrat leadership in the Senate Appropriations Committee.

“It is clear the Democrats do not want to stand up to corruption.  It’s also clear they want to continue to protect one another as their former caucus members prepare to serve prison sentences,” Melendez said. “What is even more appalling is the Democrats believe eradicating corruption is too expensive. But, wasting $100 billion on High-Speed Rail isn’t? It is shameful how misguided the Democrat majority’s priorities really are.”

Assemblywoman Melissa A. Melendez represents the 67th Assembly District, which includes the communities of Lake Elsinore, Canyon Lake, Murrieta, Menifee, Wildomar and a portion of Hemet. It also includes the Riverside County unincorporated areas of Lake Mathews, Good Hope, Nuevo, and Winchester. Follow her on Twitter: @asmMelendez