Please Sign Petition to Stop New Gas Tax Proposal

Gas prices are plummeting around the country, but here in California we are paying almost $2.50 more per gallon than the national average.

Right now, the national average price for a regular gallon of gasoline is $3.92. In California, it is $6.29, and in Riverside County, it is $6.25.

So why is gas so much more expensive in California?

The problem comes from California policy: fees, taxes, and regulations.

California only has 14 oil refineries in operation today, whereas we had roughly 50 a few decades ago. Only 11 of the state’s refineries produce the special blend of fuel that California mandates to reduce pollution. State regulation limitations restrict our ability to import any additional supply. Because of our state's special gas blend, California is often called a “fuel island.”

Leadership also continues to pass legislation, like SB 1137, to further drive oil production out of California without regard for the demand that continues to exist.

And Californians also pay over a dollar per gallon in taxes and fees alone.

This is not partisan rhetoric. These are facts. Californians pay the highest gas taxes in the country.

Policymakers should be solely focused on ways to lower gas prices and bring immediate relief to Californians.

Instead, the Governor is calling for a Special Legislative Session to increase taxes on gas again, advocating for a new punitive tax on oil companies, which will be passed on to the consumer.

Does anyone actually believe another tax is going to bring down gas prices?

The Governor’s call to add taxes will reduce production, increase prices, and cause lines at the gas station.

The last thing struggling families need right now is another tax.

My colleagues and I have attempted NUMEROUS times to IMMEDIATELY lower the price of gas by suspending California’s gas tax but they have been repeatedly blocked by the super-majority.

Why is current California leadership unwilling to provide relief?

In a letter to Governor Newsom, we have renewed our call to suspend the state's 54-cent gas tax and requested an audit of where our gas tax money is going after it was reported that California's roads are the least maintained in all fifty U.S. states.

Yes, a recent report on road conditions found that California ranked dead last, and 44% of our roads are in “poor condition.”

We hear your pleas for help, and your voice matters. There are steps that can be taken now to reduce taxes and fees and bring immediate relief to Californians.

Have your voice heard in Sacramento! Help us send the Governor and leadership a message that ENOUGH IS ENOUGH.

Please take a moment to SIGN THIS PETITION to:  

  • Suspend the state gas tax
  • Stop the proposed Special Legislative Session to increase taxes on our gas
  • Demand a full and immediate audit of where our gas tax money goes

Thank you.