Keep California Working Act

I am proud to not only support but co-author SB 74 (Borgeas), the Keep California Working Act, which would invest $2.6 billion in grants from the general fund to help small businesses and non-profits that have sustained financial losses due to the impacts of COVID-19. 

Our small businesses, and more importantly, the people and the families behind them, are collapsing under immense financial pressure during this unprecedented time of economic uncertainty. They are the foundation of our communities and they deserve better.

SB 74 offers a lifeline, investing over $2 billion in grant money into our small businesses and non-profit organizations without raising taxes. 

Our state budget has a projected surplus this year and we need to ensure that funds go towards the direct and immediate recovery of our local economies and communities. 

This bipartisan bill currently has the support of nearly one-third of the California Legislature and if passed, includes an urgency clause so that it can take effect immediately upon approval. 

It is a privilege to be your Representative. Thank you.