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LAKE ELSINORE, CA – Assemblymember Kelly Seyarto (R-Murrieta) is proud to honor Ruth Atkins as  the 2022 Woman of the Year for the 67th Assembly District. “Ms. Atkins has been a mainstay in Lake Elsinore for nearly 30 years, working tirelessly to ensure  the region maintains its historical significance,” said Assemblymember Seyarto. “It is my privilege to  be given this opportunity to highlight her hard work and accomplishments and to thank her for her  public service. She truly embodies service above self.”  
Assemblymember Kelly Seyarto (R-Murrieta) has introduced his 2022 Government Reform Bill Package to bring more clarity and accountability to California’s state government. AB 1687 clarifies that the governor’s use of emergency powers must be related to the emergency conditions. Current law gives the governor broad authority to suspend any regulation or statute during the State of Emergency. While it is assumed that these emergency powers are authorized for responding to the extraordinary conditions of a specific crisis, the law does not explicitly limit these powers.
Assemblymember Kelly Seyarto, R-Murrieta, is taking a hard stance against human trafficking with the introduction of his 2022 public safety bill package. Seyarto, who serves the 67th Assembly district, introduced the package Monday, Jan. 24, citing the need for stronger laws against human trafficking. “We have a long way to go to improve public safety in California, but I am proud to introduce these bills to start some important conversations and make a difference where we can,” Seyarto said. 
It passed the state Assembly Monday on a 41-19 vote and now heads to the state Senate. Other opponents objected to singling out fast food workers for a council when employees in other fields may also have similar wage and safety concerns. The bill “just drives entire franchises and franchise brands away from California,” said Republican Assemblyman Kelly Seyarto.
SACRAMENTO – This week, Assemblymember Kelly Seyarto, R-Murrieta, introduced his 2022 veterans bill package to offer simple solutions to ensure California’s veterans receive the benefits they have earned.
SACRAMENTO, Calif. (KRON) – State lawmakers are trying to address major ambulance delays caused by crowded emergency rooms across California. The committee’s vice-chair says state lawmakers should reevaluate state regulations impacting emergency medical services. “Look and see if they’re truly regulations that are protecting the public or are regulations that look like they are but are creating problems in the long run,” Assm. Kelly Seyarto, R-Murrieta, said.
Francisca Magana, general manager of the restaurant, said nearly 200 local residents have been hired as employees of the restaurant. Some of those joined her and guests for the ribbon cutting ceremony. Proclamations were presented by Zimmerman, Assemblyman Kelly Seyarto and a representative of Senator Rosilicie Ochoa Bogh's office.
Riverside County officials broke ground Friday for a nine-courtroom, three-story Justice Center in Menifee. The new courthouse will eventually become part of a civic center including a new City Hall in the middle of Menifee Town Center on Newport Road. State Assemblyman Kelly Seyarto was among the many dignitaries present at the groundbreaking ceremony. "Being able to expand the courthouses so our judges can actually do their job is so important," Seyarto said. "The worst thing we can do is elect people to do their jobs and not give them the tools to do it. This gives them the tools in the…
SoCalGas, local officials, and business representatives today celebrated the opening of a new fueling station located in Menifee, California "Congratulations to SoCalGas on the opening of your new CNG fueling station," said Assemblymember Kelly Seyarto. "This infrastructure upgrade will bring the benefits of cleaner energy to all our communities in Southwest Riverside County."
Weeks after Gov. Gavin Newsom fended off an attempt to remove him from office in a recall election, his fellow Democrats on Thursday began eyeing ways to make future challenges more difficult while Republicans sought to keep the status quo. “This is the last bastion of checks and balances we offer for the voters," countered Republican Assemblyman Kelly Seyarto, who said making the process harder would have a “chilling effect for our voters.”