Improving Access to Emergency Services

As the new session gets underway in Sacramento, I want to be sure to share some key legislative updates with you.
Recently, I introduced AB 261 which will increase local emergency service access and response time by lifting burdensome travel restrictions for emergency vehicles.
This legislation will allow first responders to utilize high-occupancy toll (HOT) and high-occupancy vehicle (HOV) lanes during both emergency and non-emergency situations. Currently, emergency vehicles are only permitted to use these lanes when responding to an urgent call.
While arriving at an emergency quickly is essential, our first responders also need to be able to return to their districts as soon as possible to respond to additional calls and conduct essential business.
Fire season is now a year-round concern and more departments from across the state are being called to assist with emergencies outside their normal jurisdiction. AB 261 would reduce travel time that would cause any delay for emergency personnel and equipment to conduct critical agency business and get back in service.
As a former firefighter and Battalion Chief, I know that in an emergency, every second counts. It is important to make sure that our emergency services have the resources they need to serve our communities as efficiently and effectively as possible.