Honoring Our Military

May is National Military Appreciation Month.
There is no way to pay back the sacrifices made by our veteran heroes and their families, but in Sacramento, we should do all we can to ensure their commitment to our country has not gone unnoticed or unappreciated.
Here are just a few of the bills I am proud to author:
Supporting Military Families
AB 291: Survivor Benefit Plans (SBP) allows retired service members to allocate a portion of their retired pay to a spouse, child or other eligible beneficiary after their death. This bill will make payments made from SBP tax free in California. These families and survivors have paid the highest price for our state and nation and this small voluntary benefit should be recognized as tax-free.
Honoring our Service Members
ACR 12: August 7, 2021 to be declared as Purple Heart Day in California in honor of the many service members and veterans who were injured by enemy actions in service to our country.
Remembering the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier
ACR 13: Commemorate the 100th Anniversary of the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier at Arlington National Cemetery and the thousands of Californians who are still missing in action from conflicts around the world.
Eliminating Fees for Veterans
AB 1151 (co-author): This bill would require the DMV to discontinue the fee for printing the word “VETERAN” on the face of a driver’s license or identification card by July 1, 2022. 
Here are a few ways you and your family can show your appreciation to our military members and their families this month. 

  • Visit wounded Veterans at a VA facility near you
  • Provide transportation or donate food
  • Perform home repairs or household chores
  • Donate your time to a Veteran organization
  • Write a letter of gratitude or send a care package
  • Spend quality time talking to and listening to a Veteran
  • Visit a local Veterans memorial with your children
  • Say thank you 

To all the current and former members of the U.S. Armed Forces, to all the military spouses and their families, and to all those who have fallen fighting in defense of our freedoms, we THANK YOU for your sacrifice and service.