The Great California ShakeOut

Today is the Great California ShakeOut!

October 20th is International “ShakeOut Day,” when everyone is encouraged to participate in organized earthquake drills, practice safety plans, and update their earthquake preparedness procedures.  

Earthquakes can happen anywhere at any time. You may only have seconds to protect yourself before strong shaking knocks you down or something falls on you. Being prepared and having practiced will help you survive and recover quickly.

If you feel shaking or get an earthquake alert, immediately “Drop, Cover, and Hold On.” 

For more resources on how to prepare for, stay safe during, and recover after an earthquake, please visit:,, and

As the Vice-Chair of the Emergency Management Committee, one of my priorities is to ensure our communities are adequately prepared for the variety of disasters that may strike at any given time.

Participating in the Great ShakeOut will keep us safer and more resilient.

To sign up for state-wide emergency alerts, please visit

For local alerts and information, please visit:

Thank you.