Gas Tax: 100 Days of INACTION

Today marks 100 DAYS since the supermajority in Sacramento promised they would take action to relieve Californians from extreme and ever-increasing gas prices. 

With prices at the pump breaking records daily and inflation at a 40 year high, California’s families are stretched to the breaking point and facing extreme economic hardships.

The average price for a gallon of regular gasoline in California is now $6.43, and $6.33 in Riverside County.

Yet today, we mark 100 days of inaction AND the state gas tax it set to increase by over $500 million on July 1st.

Enough is enough. No more excuses, no more games, and no more delays.

My colleagues and I have attempted NUMEROUS times to IMMEDIATELY lower the price of gas by suspending California’s 51-cent-per-gallon tax which has been repeatedly blocked by the supermajority. In fact, they have refused to allow the Assembly to even take an up or down vote on these proposals.

Our citizens deserve transparency and accountability. 

As a reminder, this suspension would be fully paid for by using a small fraction of the state’s General Fund surplus – now estimated to be over $97.5 billion. It is critical to continue funding infrastructure, and this gas tax holiday proposal would in no way threaten projects already in the pipeline.

While the state's coffers are flush with cash, everyday Californians are hurting.

Many states across the country have already suspended their gas tax, and even the White House is considering a federal gas tax holiday.

We need to suspend the gas tax and provide immediate relief now!

As your representative, I will not remain silent on this critical concern for our community and my colleagues and I will continue the fight.

Thank you for this opportunity to be of service.