Gas Prices Increase...Again

With the largest overnight price increase in seven years, gas prices in California have surged past $6 per gallon...again. On average, California's drivers are paying over $2.50 more per gallon of gas than drivers in the rest of the country! 

Yes, you read that correctly. Right now, the national average price for a regular gallon of gasoline is $3.80. In California, it is $6.35, and in Riverside county, it is $6.31. 

Though the price of crude oil has declined, over the last 10 days, California’s cost has risen by over 84 cents per gallon.

Every other state is seeing relief from high gas prices. The problem in California is policy.

Californians pay over a dollar per gallon in taxes and fees alone.

With prices at the pump continuing to break records and inflation at a 40 year high, California’s families are stretched to the breaking point and face extreme economic hardships. These prices are unacceptable.

My colleagues and I have attempted NUMEROUS times to IMMEDIATELY lower the price of gas by suspending California’s 51-cent-per-gallon tax but they have been repeatedly blocked by the super-majority. In fact, they refused to even bring these bills up for a vote. 

Instead, the legislature passed and the Governor signed SB 1137, which has the effect of driving oil production out of California without regard for the demand that continues to exist. Similarly, the Governor signed SB 339 into law, creating a road usage charge pilot program to test the collection of a tax on each mile driven.

And don’t forget the $500 million gas tax INCREASE that took effect on July 1st.

We need to pass laws that make California more affordable – not laws that continue to hammer working families with higher costs.  

Our gas prices are out of control. The super-majority cannot really expect Californians to accept this as the new normal.

Yesterday, the Governor announced his idea of a solution: raise taxes! He proposed a new profit tax on oil companies and vaguely mentioned another rebate.

The last rebate took MONTHS to implement, despite the constant and relentless high gas prices. The new one-time “inflation relief” payments begin this week but some taxpayers likely won’t see their refunds until January 2023. Furthermore, some of the state’s most vulnerable residents won’t get checks at all! 

Californians need immediate relief now! No more excuses, no more games, and no more delays. Californians do not have the luxury of waiting.