Emergency Powers Legislation

It is my pleasure to inform you that a key piece of legislation from my government reform bill package has passed out of the State Assembly and is now headed over to the State Senate.   
AB 1687 clarifies that the governor’s use of emergency powers must be related to the emergency conditions.
Current law gives the governor broad authority to suspend any regulation or statute during a State of Emergency. While it is assumed that these emergency powers are authorized for responding to the extraordinary conditions of a specific crisis, the law does not explicitly limit these powers.
This legislation would clarify that the governor’s emergency powers are focused and limited to responding to the conditions of a specific emergency. This ensures the accountability and integrity of these powers and safeguards them from being misused as a politically expedient tool. It is simply good governance.
There are currently 25 other states in the country, ranging from New York to Alaska, that have statutes with these emergency power specifications.
This bill passed with a vote count of 69-0 and bipartisan support.
It is a privilege to be your Assemblymember. Thank you for this opportunity to be of service.