Crime Victims’ Rights Week

It was my privilege to introduce ACR 123, which establishes the week of April 24th through April 30th as Crime Victims’ Rights Week in California.

This resolution raises public awareness about crime victims’ rights, protections, and services as they seek justice, and recognizes the efforts of citizens and members of the criminal justice system who offer support.

The citizens of California made their voices clear when they recognized the importance of protecting victims’ rights in the State Constitution with the passage of Prop 8 in 1982, the Victim’s Bill of Rights, and then reaffirmed that message in 2008 with the passage of Prop 9 – known as Marsy’s Law.

We need to ensure we are doing all we can to help crime survivors find their justice by enforcing victims’ rights, listening to and making victims’ needs and wishes a priority, and providing victims with access to the resources and services that can help them heal.

It is also imperative that our state’s criminal justice system fights to protect, coordinate, and improve the quality of services provided to victims and witnesses.

In addition to this resolution, I am proud to support and/or co-author:


  • AB 262 (Patterson) which will prevent a court from refusing to hear a human trafficking victim’s petition due to unpaid fines and fees owed.
  • AB 1847 (Valladares) which gives crime victims a meaningful opportunity to be heard at parole and resentencing hearings by clarifying that they have the right to demand a hearing even if the prosecution and defense have stipulated that no hearing is necessary.
  • AB 2409 (Davies) which would require district attorneys to notify crime victims and their next of kin of upcoming parole suitability hearings so that they can participate.

By supporting these rights, we can restore power to survivors who often feel powerless in the aftermath of a serious crime.

ACR 123 sends a message to victims of crime that they are not alone and they have support.
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To watch the Floor Presentation of ACR 123, please click HERE
It is my honor to serve you in our 67th District. Thank you.