Capitol Update: Committee Assignments

As your newly elected Representative, and your voice in Sacramento, I wanted to keep you apprised of any updates both here in the District and up at the Capitol.  

Over the weekend, Assembly Speaker Anthony Rendon announced the committee assignments for the 2021-22 legislative session, and I have been appointed to a total of eight committees, three of which I serve in a leadership capacity as Vice Chair. These include Elections, Housing and Community Development, and the newly formed Assembly Committee on Emergency Management focused exclusively on disaster and emergency response.  

I applaud the Speaker’s decision to create a committee specifically to address California’s emergencies and it is my privilege as a former firefighter to serve as its first Vice Chair. We can now concentrate our efforts on developing a more focused response to issues such as fire prevention, medical service deployment, and emergency communication. 

Other committee assignments include Public Safety, Natural Resources, Labor and Employment, Public Employment and Retirement, and Revenue and Taxation.  

As an incoming freshman, I am honored that the Speaker has placed so much trust and confidence in my abilities as to appoint to me to multiple leadership roles and committees covering a diverse range of issues. I look forward to working with my colleagues to better serve our great state and the communities of our 67th District.