Capitol Update: 2021 Budget

The governor recently released his proposed $227.2 billion budget plan for this year. The most surprising thing? Even though most citizens are bearing the brunt of the pandemic, the budget is projecting a surplus!

This of course may not be that shocking to most Californians since we pay the highest personal income tax, state sales tax, and gasoline tax rates in the nation. If anything, the governor’s budget demonstrates that the tax burden on families and workers is too high and we need to do all we can to reduce their financial stress.
The governor has proposed allocating funding to re-opening schools, COVID-19 vaccine distribution, rental assistance, small business grants, and direct payments to low income families.

While this plan is a start, we need to ensure that these funds are used to bring direct financial relief to citizens and small businesses, not more bureaucratic programs. 

We need to go back to basics and focus on immediately addressing and solving the problems so many Californians are facing: business closures, school closures, affordability, homelessness, increased crime, mental illness, and of course ineffective government institutions like EDD.

In the end this budget will be judged on results. I will fight to ensure that local economic recovery is a primary goal.

To read the Governor’s Proposed Budget click HERE 
Note: This January budget proposal is a rough draft to be followed by a May revision proposal and months of budget debates before the budget is finalized in June.