California's Wildfire Crisis

Combating the wildfire issue in California needs to be more than just rhetoric. Californians need these efforts to be effective. In 2020 alone, 4,257,863 acres burned, over 10,000 structures were destroyed, and 33 people lost their lives.

Wildfires are again devastating our state as we continue to await promised action, resources, and funding. 

This session, I introduced AB 380, which would provide the CA Department of Forestry and Fire Protection with the tools and means necessary to efficiently identify, approve, and complete priority fuel reduction projects around communities that are at the greatest risk to wildfires. Unfortunately, this bill was never even given consideration or heard in committee.

Additionally, our state boasts one of the largest budget surpluses in recent history, yet the governor cut wildfire management funding and provided only a fraction of what he had originally promised. My colleagues and I have fought tirelessly for additional funding for wildfire protection programs and introduced a budget amendment to include $200 million per year for forest health and wildfire prevention projects. It was rejected and again did not even receive consideration on the Assembly Floor.

It is time that California receives the fire protection it so desperately needs. By increasing wildfire protection funding, providing substantial resources to our firefighters, and focusing on the importance of vegetation and forest management, California can extinguish the wildfire crisis.

For more information on fires in your area, as well as how to prepare for an evacuation, visit Cal Fire.