Bill to Turn Election Day Into State Holiday Moving Through California Assembly

Assemblyman Kelly Seyarto (R-Murrieta), vice chair of the committee, said given the way elections have changed in California, people have more than enough time to vote, if they so choose. 

“Hardcore people that want to vote in-person” can do so for four days prior to the election, which includes a weekend, he added. “So any students that want to engage in the poll working process have a Saturday and a Sunday. Those are already days off to be able to engage in that.”

If public employees want a paid holiday, they should go through the collective bargaining process, he said. “This is no collective bargaining, but costs taxpayers money.”

Seyarto said he might have supported the measure 20 years ago. “I think in today’s world, this isn’t necessary,” he said, adding “I’ve never missed a vote.”