Assemblymember Seyarto’s Bill to Streamline Emergency Service Vehicle Travel Signed Into Law

SACRAMENTO—Assemblymember Kelly Seyarto (R-Murrieta) is proud to announce that the Governor has signed his legislation to streamline the process for emergency vehicles to use toll facilities, saving time and money, while reducing paperwork for emergency service providers.

AB 2270 requires toll agencies, upon the request of an agency operating emergency vehicles, to enter into an agreement establishing mutually agreed upon terms for the use of the toll facility (e.g. toll roads, high-occupancy toll lanes, toll bridges) by the emergency service provider.

Emergency vehicles are exempt from paying tolls under specific emergency circumstances but are otherwise liable for charges. An invoice is mailed each time an emergency vehicle uses a toll facility, and the agency must review dispatch records and log books to determine whether the vehicle should be exempt. This process imposes a time-consuming burden on emergency service providers. AB 2270 will facilitate agreements between both parties to streamline the process and reduce bureaucracy.

“This bill is a simple fix that will ensure our emergency service departments and agencies have the efficiency and maneuverability to better serve their communities and the public at large,” said Seyarto. “This is especially important now that fire season is a year-round concern and more departments from across the state are being called to assist with emergencies outside their normal jurisdiction.”

Assemblymember Kelly Seyarto served the State of California as a firefighter for 35 years, retiring at the rank of Battalion Chief. He also serves as Vice Chair of the Assembly Emergency Management Committee and is a member of the Assembly Public Safety Committee.

Before being signed into law, AB 2270 passed through the Senate and Assembly with no opposition and bipartisan support.