Assembly Republicans Launch Aggressive Campaign to Fight Wildfire Devastation

SACRAMENTO: Assembly Republicans announced on Wednesday a massive effort to combat wildfires, just as the state appears to be headed into a drought. 

The multi-pronged effort will include a messaging campaign designed to inform the public and Sacramento insiders as to the harmful effects of wildfires and and to propose several common-sense fixes that could greatly mitigate wildfire destruction.

The information efforts will bolster a robust 16-bill legislative package authored by Assembly Republicans offering critical solutions to address four main areas: Saving lives while protecting property and animals, securing funding, protecting the environment and fighting climate change, and allowing essential mitigation efforts through vegetation management. 

Saving lives, as well as protecting property and animals: 
AB 497 (Waldron), AB 926 (Mathis), AB 952 (Mathis), AB 1103 (Dahle), AB 1154 (Patterson)

Slowing the spread of wildfires and reducing their severity with proper vegetation management: 
AB 267 (Valladares), AB 380 (Seyarto), AB 431 (Patterson), AB 522 (Fong), AB 910 (Bigelow), AB 912 (Bigelow)

Protecting the environment and fighting climate change: 
AB 575 (Fong), AB 1519 (Gallagher)

Securing funding: 
AB 297 (Gallagher), AB 648 (Fong), AB 1249 (Gallagher)

For questions about the caucus's effort, please contact Matt Fleming:

For questions about specific bills, please contact author offices.