SACRAMENTO—Assemblymember Kelly Seyarto (R-Murrieta) is proud to announce that the Governor has signed AB 687, authorizing the creation of the Western Riverside County Housing Trust. This legislation is the first by Assemblymember Seyarto to be signed into law. The Western Riverside County Housing Trust will create the necessary tool to foster a partnership between local governments, community-based charities, and builders to address state mandates related to local Read More...
SACRAMENTO – Governor Gavin Newsom today announced that he has signed the following bills: AB 687 by Assemblymember Kelly Seyarto (R-Murrieta) – Joint powers authorities: Riverside County Housing Finance Trust.
Officially the California State Budget needed to be passed by the Legislature no later than midnight, June 15th, to meet the constitutional deadline. While this technically happened, the initial bill pushed through, a record $262.6 billion spending plan, was a budget framework, a placeholder bill that lacked substance or details.   Since then, the budget has been put together in pieces through various “budget junior” and trailer bills. In fact, right before the Read More...
The newly installed gymnasium floor in the Francis Domenigoni Community Center at Winchester Park was dedicated to the Domenigoni family during a ceremony. The offices of State Senator Melissa Melendez, Assemblyman Kelly Seyarto and County Supervisor Chuck Washington recognized the Domenigoni family.
Hundreds of Menifee residents, young and old, joined dozens of Riverside County and City of Menifee officials Saturday for the Grand Opening of the new County library in Menifee. Distinguished guests included County Supervisor Jeff Hewitt; State Assemblyman Kelly Seyarto; county librarian Barbara Howison; County Economic Director Suzanne Holland, and four Menifee City Council members.  
Although the Assembly Public Safety Committee voted 6 to 2 in favor of SB 357, Assemblyman Kelly Seyarto (R- Murrieta) spoke passionately against the bill. Those that get arrested are cited and released, and given a chance to decide if they want to get away from their traffickers, he explained. We need to have more police involvement in preventing trafficking. “This is going in the exact opposite direction. This is making communities less safe,” Seyarto concluded. 
“This project has been five years in the making and is incredibly important to the overall ecosystem health of Lake Elsinore,” said Phil Williams, president of the EVMWD Board of Directors. “We deeply appreciate the tremendous support from Senator Melissa Melendez and Assemblyman Kelly Seyarto and their hard work in Sacramento.  This funding will cover the complete local cost share of the first phase of this valuable project.”
Today we honor our great nation’s 245th birthday. We remember the courageous leaders who signed our Declaration of Independence that not only recognized our rights to “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness,” but that a government should derive their “just powers from the consent of the governed.” We honor all our brave service members and veterans for continuing to defend our freedoms and thank them for their sacrifice and service. We come together as community, as Read More...
Republican Assemblyman Kelly Seyarto said he favors anything that helps veterans, but “it has to be done in a clinical setting, it has to be done under the watchful eye of a physician” to make sure there are no ill effects. Under Wiener’s bill, he said, “this will be just like beer, you just go get the 21-year-old to give you the stuff.”
Animal Friends of the Valleys has been selected as a California Nonprofit of the Year 2021 by California Assemblymember Kelly Seyarto and California Association of Nonprofits. “Animal Friends of the Valley’s Board of Directors, Staff and Animal Control Officers are thrilled with this outstanding award, nominated by Assemblymember Kelly Seyarto of District 67," said Beth Soltysiak, Director of Development at AFV.